May 30, 2011

What to expect

Welcome to Northern Taekwon-Do Academy, a family martial arts and fitness centre. Below is some important information to make your experience at our school better. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask one of the staff members or instructors.

Please refer to your updated class schedule for class times. It is recommended that you attend class two or three times a week and on consistent days. Students should make every effort to be on time for class. Parents who drop their children off should do so ten minutes before class and pick them up within ten minutes of class ending. The school can become very busy around class time and we cannot be held responsible for unattended children.

Parents are encouraged to watch class. It is very important, however, that parents remain quiet and avoid talking with their children while class is in progress. Please also refrain from using your cell phone and turn all ringers off. If there are smaller children they are welcome to quietly play with the toys provided.

Students of the Taekwon-Do programs show their progress in the art by the colour of belt they wear. All students start at white belt and work their way through the curriculum in order to test for the next level. The order of the belt colours is as follows with two separate levels at each colour: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Black. There are a total of 10 colour belt levels (Gups) leading up to black belt and 9 degrees of black belt. Students must apply in order to test at one of several formal exams held every two or three months. Tests may also take place during class time if the situation is warranted.


We have a large number of items for sale in our pro-shop. Northern Taekwon-Do Academy can provide you with all of your martial arts supplies and equipment needs while you are in our programs. Sparring gear should be purchased through the school and must be approved by the instructor. Sparring gear is required for all students once yellow belt is achieved. You should only use the equipment recommended by the instructor of your program. Sparring gear is required once a student reaches yellow belt

Periodically we attend tournaments in the local area and throughout Western Canada. We also attend several tournaments sanctioned by the International Taekwon-Do Federation. Students wishing to compete should speak with the instructor directly.


The school publishes a newsletter bi-monthly to keep students up to date with events, promotions, tournament results and other information regarding club activities.