June 2, 2011

Students & Instructors

The following points should be observed by instructors and students alike:


1. Never tire of teaching.

2. An instructor should be eager for his or her students to surpass him or her. If an instructor realizes a

student has developed beyond his or her teaching capabilities, the student should be sent to a higher ranking instructor.

3. An instructor must always set a good example for students.

4. Development of students should take precedence over commercialism.

5. Instructors should teach scientifically and theoretically to save time and energy.

6. Instructors should help students develop good contacts outside of class.

7. All students should be treated equally, there should be no favorites. Students should be scolded in private and praised in public.

8. If unable to answer a students question, admit it and find the answer as soon as possible.

9. Always be honest with students.

10. Never betray a trust.


1. Never tire of learning.

2. Be willing to sacrifice for Taekwondo and the instructor. Be willing to help in testings, demonstrations, tournament, and in working around the school.

3. Always set a good example for lower ranking belt students.

4. Always be loyal and never criticize the instructor, Taekwondo, or the teaching methods.

5. If an instructor teaches a technique, practice it and attempt to use it.

6. Remember, your conduct outside class reflects on Taekwondo and the instructor.

7. Never be disrespectful to the instructor.

8. Be eager to learn and ask questions.

9. Be honest with instructor and other students.

10. Never break a trust.